Combining his personal skills and introducing a new service and product to this region has inspired Eric to pursue Black Diamond Restoration.

Years of experience in a variety of locations and terrains.

Since 1979 Eric Blevins has been involved in the trade of operating or repairing heavy equipment in a variety of locations ranging from Colorado to Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, and back to Colorado.

Being a partner in a small gold mining venture provided invaluable experience.

The challenges of locating economically viable property, obtaining funding, designing and building processing equipment, obtaining excavation equipment, and processing enough gravel to produce 90 ounces of clean gold for sale provided Eric with unforgettable and difficult life lessons.

Heavy equipment repair in difficult terrain and remote locations.

Living in a logging camp of 300 residents for 7 years on Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska provided Eric with an opportunity to operate and repair large heavy equipment for a large scale logging company. Pioneering roads through wet virgin rain forests in valleys and on steep rocky slopes provided daily challenges. These work experiences provided Eric with a solid understanding of limitations when operating conventional equipment in a variety of extreme conditions.

Operation and repairing of a large variety of heavy equipment

Eric spent 15 years employed as a field service technician for Wagner Equipment Company, the Caterpillar dealer for Colorado and New Mexico. This experience has given him the opportunity to travel over 200,000 miles in a 400 mile radius troubleshooting and repairing a very wide variety of Caterpillar product systems.